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Bamboo Blinds

35mm | 50mm | 65mm

Make your home green 

Bamboo collection has become one of the best-selling products today, the winning advantage of bamboo blinds is the real reflection of nature at home – bamboo slats are natural and ecological. The special texture of bamboo wood adds a natural elegance and soft warmth to the interior. Moreover, bamboo blinds assist with the challenges in homes that are insufficiently insulated, by protecting the heat in the winter and preserving your air-conditioned cooler temperatures in those hot summer months. Bamboo is even safe and recommended for use on the patio and does not become damaged or weakened through moisture, heat or cold. This makes them a perfect choice regardless of where you live. Available in eleven colors allowing the consumer to stamp their taste and personality in their home.

Available colours


pearl white



light oak

smoke grey







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